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Petroleum Technical Assistance Program

PLIA is implementing an expanded technical assistance program to include qualifying petroleum storage tanks (formerly the program was limited to heating oil tanks). Beginning January 2018, PTAP will offer customers technical assistance and written opinions on whether a cleanup has met the state’s requirements. The program is available for customers who conduct cleanups of qualifying petroleum contaminated sites. The types of opinions provided include:

  • No Further Action (NFA) on the Site/Property.
  • Further Action (FA) on the Site/Property.
  • Partial Sufficiency (PS) of the cleanup.

Applications for PTAP will not be accepted before January 2, 2018.

Learn more about PTAP

Executive Director, Russ Olsen, is speaking about PTAP at the:

Law Seminars International, Model Toxics Control Act on September 28, 2017.

Northwest Remediation Conference on October 5, 2017. Please follow the link for details:

Several statewide workshops are planned for October and November:

Tuesday 10/17/17   Olympia/Lacey
Monday 10/23/17   Omak
Tuesday 10/24/17   Bellingham
Wednesday 10/25/17   Everett
Thursday 10/26/17   Tacoma
Monday 11/06/17   Yakima
Tuesday 11/07/17   Spokane
Wednesday 11/08/17   Pasco
Thursday 11/09/17   Vancouver
Tuesday 11/14/17   SeaTac


Link to legislative documents: