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Petroleum Technical Assistance Program

In January 2018, PLIA will implement an expanded technical assistance program to include qualifying petroleum sites. PTAP, established under the authority of RCW 70.149.040 (9), will expand the state’s ability to respond to the demand for technical assistance. The program is available for customers who conduct cleanups of qualifying petroleum contaminated sites and wish to receive an opinion letter from the state. The types of opinions provided include:

  • No Further Action (NFA) on the Site/Property.
  • Further Action (FA) on the Site/Property.
  • Partial Sufficiency (PS) of the cleanup.

PLIA will accept applications beginning January 2, 2018.

Learn more about PTAP

Factsheet – Information about the program.
Program Eligibility Factors – Factors that determine if your site is eligible for PTAP.
Program Flow – Steps in the program.
PLIA UST Programs – Diagram of PLIA’s UST programs.
PTAP Definitions – Definitions of terms used in PTAP.

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