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"I need technical assistance for a petroleum cleanup."

PLIA’s Petroleum Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) provides informal site-specific technical consultations and issues written opinion letters to persons conducting independent remedial actions at qualifying petroleum cleanup sites.

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"I need to show financial assurance for my USTs.”

Federal and state laws require that owners and operators of petroleum underground storage tanks have financial responsibility for the costs of environmental cleanup in case of a release or spill.

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"I need financial help for UST cleanup."

PLIA’s UST Loan & Grant Program provides financial help to UST owners for cleanups and upgrades. PLIA conducts workshops so that owners can learn about low interest loan and/or grant options related to USTs.

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"I need insurance coverage for a heating oil tank."

PLIA’s Heating Oil Pollution Liability Insurance Program  provides pollution liability coverage to currently registered owners who heat their homes or businesses with heating oil. You must be registered with PLIA prior to the start of the release for the cleanup to be covered.

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"I need technical assistance for a heating oil cleanup."

PLIA’s Heating Oil Technical Assistance Program (HOTAP)  provides technical assistance to owners and operators of active or abandoned heating oil tanks who suspect contamination from a release. Help is provided for other technical issues as well.

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"I need financial help for a heating oil cleanup."

PLIA’s Pilot Heating Oil Loan & Grant Program provides financial help to heating oil tank owners for cleanups and upgrades.

Applications for the Pilot Heating Oil Loan and Grant Program re-open in Spring 2022.

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