Administrative Rulemaking

PLIA has drafted new rules and updated existing rules for some of our programs. Please also see Rules Agenda_2019.

You are invited to provide comments on the draft rules at one of our upcoming information sessions

If you have specific questions about PLIA’s rulemaking activities, please  contact us at or 1-800-822-3905.

Updates to existing rules include:

374-20    Public Records.

PLIA proposes updates to this rule to align with:

  1. Recent changes in the law concerning public records.
  2. Model rules recommended by the attorney general’s office (Chapter 44-14 WAC).
  3. Current agency practices.
374-80    Heating Oil Tanks.

PLIA proposes updates to this rule to expand the program to provide technical assistance to the owners and operators of petroleum storage tanks to align with the passage of SHB 1266.

374-90 New Rule Proposal: PLIA’s Loan and Grant Program

PLIA proposes a new rule to establish the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Revolving Loan and Grant Program authorized in Chapter 70.340 RCW. The rule will detail:

  • Eligibility for loans and/or grants under the program.
  • Requirements for applications.
  • PLIA’s process for evaluation of applications.
  • The process for funding approved loans and/or grants.
  • Management of funds provided under an approved loan and/or grant.
374-100 New Rule Proposal: State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

PLIA proposes a new rule to establish PLIA’s policies and procedures for implementing the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). PLIA plans to adopt rules in Chapter 197-11 WAC by reference.