How Claims Are Filed

In the event of a claim, the tank owner would contact their insurance company. The insurance company would determine if the claim was valid under the terms of the policy. If valid, they would work with the owner or operator to determine a plan for corrective action. An assessment would be made to determine the cleanup required on the property where the tank is located, if any third-party damage needs to be corrected, and if any bodily injury was caused by the incident.

Once corrective action has been taken, the insurance company would then look to the owner or operator for reimbursement of the amount of the deductible and to PLIA for reimbursement of any amount the claim exceeded the retention level of the insurance company.

The participating insurance companies are responsible directly, or through an agency or broker, for marketing and sales, tank testing and underwriting requirements, rating and pricing, issuing policies, claims management and risk management.

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