Our Staff

Russell E. Olsen, MPA, Executive Director
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Cassandra Garcia, PhD, Deputy Director
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Xyzlinda Marshall, Administrative Services Manager
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Karen Barrett, MPA, Financial Manager
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Carrie Pederson, BS, Agency Planner
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Nnamdi Madakor, PHg, PG, Technical Programs Manager
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Kristin Evered, MS, Program Planner
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Ken Nelson, MS, Heating Oil Program Coordinator
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Shanyese Trujillo, MES, Technical Programs Coordinator
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Li Ma, PhD, LHG, CGWP, Hydrogeologist
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Kim Bzotte, Community Outreach and Environmental Education Specialist
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Amanda White, Administrative Assistant
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Jamie Hays, Loan and Grant Program Coordinator
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Lauren Curtis, Office Assistant                                                                            Email Lauren