Petroleum Technical Assistance Program


“I need advice and technical assistance for a petroleum contaminated site.”



The Petroleum Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) expands the state’s ability to respond to the high customer demand to clean up petroleum contaminated sites. Under the PTAP, the Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA) may provide informal site-specific technical consultations and issue written opinion letters to persons conducting independent remedial actions at qualifying petroleum cleanup sites. PLIA may provide these services under the authority of Chapter 70A.330 RCW and the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), Chapter 70A.305 RCW and Chapter 173-340 WAC.

The program is available for customers who conduct cleanups of qualifying petroleum contaminated sites and wish to receive an opinion letter from the state. The types of opinions provided include:

  • No Further Action (NFA) on the Site/Property.
  • Further Action (FA) on the Site/Property.
  • Partial Sufficiency (PS) of the cleanup.

PTAP projects

PTAP Project List

Sites Receiving Public Comment

Tank N Tote
Mayfield 76

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