UST Loan and Grant Program


“I need financial help for UST cleanup.”

Beginning March 2, 2020 PLIA temporarily closed the application cycle so that we can better serve current program participants.

About the Program

The UST Loan and Grant Program was established in 2016 to provide financial assistance to owners and operators seeking to:

  • Upgrade underground storage tank systems.
  • Clean up contamination.
  • Install alternative fueling infrastructure.


After receiving a completed application and being accepted into the program, PLIA meets with you to discuss project goals. A grant award of up to $150,000 is available for each accepted site to conduct a Preliminary Planning Assessment (PPA). A PLIA-assigned consultant conducts the PPA by gathering technical data and developing project cost estimates. A financial offer is presented after PPA completion and review. The financial award amount is based on underwriting determination. Applicants agree to use all funds under their financial assurance, including insurance funds from PLIA’s UST reinsurance program, prior to receiving program funding.

PLIA provides technical oversight through the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) if the Participant seeks an opinion on the cleanup.

Project Files

You can now search our Public Search tool to view and download project information and files.

Read about our featured sites:

Seaview Mobil, Pacific County, WA
Quick Stop#4, Cowlitz County, WA

Online Community

UST Loan and Grant Program Participants can submit reports and view their project status by logging into the Online Community.

Please note: Secure Access Washington will never send links via SMS or email

Loan Repayment

Loan repayments begin thirty (30) days following the payment of the first invoice by PLIA.

To pay your loan invoice online by ACH payment from your checking or savings account use the make payment button below.

You will be asked for your loan number (LG-XXXX-XXXX) to ensure correct application of the payment.

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