UST Loan and Grant Program


“I need financial help for UST cleanup.”

Loan and Grant Program

Learn about low interest loan and/or grant options regarding underground storage tanks (UST):

  • Upgrade your underground storage tank system.
  • Clean up contamination.
  • Install alternative fueling infrastructure.

Loan and Grant Program Guidance (pdf)

Loan and Grant Program Flow (pdf)

Loan and Grant Program Overview (pdf)

Application deadline for the Loan and Grant Program is March 1, 2019.

Submit your online application for the Loan and Grant Program.

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Award Cycle 2016-2017

PLIA received 43 applications for the program. After attending an intake meeting with PLIA, 41 applicants entered into the Preliminary Planning Assessment (PPA) process. PLIA completed 40 PPAs in less than six months to provide applicants with critical data about the conditions at their site. After reviewing the data submitted by applicants and collected during the PPAs, PLIA ranked each site according to the prioritization criteria listed in the Loan and Grant Guidance.